About US

Flow Y-Charters was born when we identified the need of our client to just enjoy the good times on board (boat / yacht). It was up to Flow to ensure, maintain and provide the perfect condition for this to happen, allowing the fulfillment of the dream of sailing in the United States (Florida), leaving the concerns and care of your property with the Flow YC team.

Flow has a management system and provision of monthly fixed expenses such as cleaning, maintenance and hangar under strict control, with weekly updates and ensuring Turn Key status for your vessel in America.

The professional Charter comes as a profitable and rational option guaranteeing our client the tranquility and the operational for such expenses.

Our mission is to provide as much time as possible on board just concerned with your enjoyment with your family and friends, letting Flow take care of any and all details so it actually happens ...

Go with the Flow and enjoy with us.

Team Flow YC

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