Paradise very close to Miami.  With plenty of sunshine, clear water and the incredible feeling of reaching the Caribbean, Bahamas is the perfect island to celebrate the great things of your life.

The proximity to Florida gives you the perfect condition to enjoy friends, birthdays, weddings, stag parties and why not a reserved "weekend" for two with many facilities and in style.  

A Crossing can be on board or a private flight, all arranged by the Concierge Flow service that puts you right in the center of the action on "your" private island.

Go with the Flow ~~~

Our Yachts

Boats available for charter

Pardo 38
  • 12 Real Estate Management

  • included: Captain/ mate / towels / floating Mat / water / ice / soda. $1800 +taxes
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Azimut 60
  • 13 Real Estate Management

  • included: Combustivel/ Tripulacao / aguas . gelo / refrigerantes / toalhas / floating mat / Piscina flutuante / Escorregador
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Explorer 62
  • 13 Real Estate Management

  • included: Capt/Stew/Fuel/Soda/Waters/ Ice/ Towels/ Watertoys/ SeaBob / Waterpad
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Leonardo 100
  • 13 Real Estate Management

  • included: Yacht completo com Jetski/ 02 seabobs / Ilha flutuante/ trampolim /Dock flutuante - Piscina Flutuante ( charters de 8hs)
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